Open Source
Workflow Development Platform.

What is TACTIC Open Source?

TACTIC is a mature, flexible, open source web based framework that excels at building a wide variety of Enterprise solutions that require Digital Asset Management and Workflow components. It is a time-tested, widely used platform, having been put world wide through some of the most demanding digital content production in a wide range of industries.

Workflow Engine

Automated event triggering system applies customized business logic to custom workflows, streamlining the workflow process and ensuring teams stay on track and on time.

Digital Asset Management

Digital files can be organized by any relevant metadata, including name, file type, date, project or producer. Automated file naming conventions and event triggering ensure files are consistently named and stored in secure, predictable locations.

Custom Views

Web-based applications allows you to share, preview, develop and deliver digital assets 24/7 across the globe. Improve brand visibility/ maximize brand resources with fully customizable interfaces, themes, views and widgets.

Built on TACTIC

Southpaw Technology is the maintainer and primary developer of TACTIC Open Source. We do offer professional services to support the development, deployment and maintenance of your custom solution.  Please contact us so we can help you in understanding exactly what the TACTIC software can do for your organization.
We also offer proprietary software products built on top of the TACTIC framework. All Southpaw products come with full support and are available in the cloud or on premise on your own servers. Southpaw Technology out-of-the-box products make deployment of specific custom solutions easy.