Why use TACTIC Products?

The Southpaw platform delivers end-to-end visibility into information and data assets as they are used and transformed throughout entire jobs and complex workflows. Once deployed, it offers a complete integrated ecosystem. Our customers always have a bird’s eye view and can drill down to any level at any time in the life cycle of any type of information asset.

Workflow and Decision Engine

The only platform with an end-to-end workflow engine: Handles ferociously complex workflows with millions of assets using multiple data types, data models, and terminologies.

Project Digital Asset Management

No information asset can be lost. Our platform always knows the location, history, and state of every asset. Customers see workflows, troubleshoot jobs, quickly audit assets, and take team orchestration to the next level. Support any compliance requirements with detailed accountability of each asset and all interdependencies.

Built on Open Source

Ensures future flexibility. The Southpaw product suite is based on the TACTIC open source platform. Customers are never handcuffed to vendor-specific or legacy technology. They always have complete access to all code and customizations.

Our Products

Manage Projects

Complete your jobs through defined workflows. Track, record, automate and report at every level.

Communicate with Clients

Customer collaboration and full production SaaS environment for multi-site client communication.

Store your media

Control and distribute all types of media files with enterprise level security.

What are we built on?

Workflow Engine

An integrated workflow engine orchestrates all project data through processes and decision trees.

Digital Asset Managment

An integrated digital asset management system organizes all files and data associated with projects.

Open Source Platform

Build on the mature TACTIC Open Source platform ensure extreme flexitility, stability and scalbility.

Superior Support

Rely on our best in class support for the confidencence that your specific needs are addressed.

Confidence in Experience

These organizations already use TACTIC to help maintain leadership in their industry.
Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

"TACTIC is what finally brought our workflow out of the dark ages and these days, we wouldn't be without it. As soon as we sat down with Southpaw it was clear that their product was born out of real world needs by industry veterans and was created to be flexible and adaptive enough to scale to any production. As we've continued to work with Southpaw over the years, we have come to appreciate how extremely agile and responsive they've been to our needs - as well as how frequently they implement product enhancements."



Tegna Design Tank

"The TEGNA Design Tank services the motion graphic needs of TEGNA’s 46 broadcast television stations. TACTIC quickly rose to the top due to its flexibility, extensibility, and ability to easily adapt to our custom workflow needs."

Procter and Gamble

Procter and Gamble

"They provided the key expertise needed to build a production pipeline that will enable P&G to build and deploy real-time 3D assets in a much more automated way, increasing our speed and agility, which allows us to focus more time on our core business, and less on managing assets and processes."

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Scientific Paper – Impact of Scrum and TACTIC Workflow Management System on Organization Performance

his scientific paper explains how TACTIC handles data through a complex process framework and presents this information through Views that are custom-made and tailored to any desired user group or client type. The paper also describes the advantages of TACTIC being an adjustable framework, which allows organizations to change and modify process flow and information into accessible resources as they work. The TACTIC workflow engine guarantees the transfer of information is consistently smooth, and recorded transactions never get lost or disappear.