Drive Creative Productivity

Workflow takes the burden of job tracking off of your team.

Workflow and You

Do any of the following sound familiar? Standard Operating Procedure, accepted protocol, routine, critical path, convention, and best practice.

Your organization already has workflows, waiting to be exploited for productivity.

Coordinating across an organization is complicated. Workflows allow you to efficiently define how each team member fits into a job's path and how long each step of your process should take.

What is a Workflow?

A Workflow is the series of steps that carry work from start to finish. These can be manual tasks, automated, revisions, and any other processes involved in completing your team's work.

Your Workflow describes how your organization works. It determines what order tasks are done, it specifies who does what and when, and exposes where you can improve.

A Workflow details how processes depend on each other. It defines what can be automated and what must be done by a person.

Tactic Workflows

Tactic's Workflow Engine makes your workflows part of your team. Visually design how work moves through your organization. The Workflow Engine then uses this information to orchestrate your projects for you.

Automate as desired. Discover points in your work process that can be automated and hand them off to Tactic to free up your team's time for work that matters.