Southpaw Technology offers a wide range of solutions, support and services to help manage your digital assets and automate your processes.

Professional Services

The Southpaw Professional Services team is available for onsite and offsite work anywhere in the world. We’re a partner that supports your workflow optimization from beginning to end, delivering informed advice and expertise of a vast range of topics, including workflow, workflow analysis, best practices, data management and custom engineering. Southpaw’s Professional Services team is available to handle any TACTIC implementation or customization regardless of complexity or depth of deployment.

Commercial Licensing

Commercial TACTIC licenses are available through Southpaw and these commercial licenses offer insurance and warranty as well as Southpaw’s Premium Support. Southpaw can create a targeted commercial package to fit the needs of your business or organization. Commercial licenses are available per seat (minimum of 20) or site license (single site, multi-site or global). TACTIC is also available via Microsoft Azure as a hosted solution.

TACTIC Open Source Support

Want to build your own solution, but need help? TACTIC Open Source support provides you access to our support team to answer questions, and provide examples about building custom enterprise solutions on top of the TACTIC architecture.

TACTIC Hosted Solution

TACTIC is also available as a hosted solution via Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is a one-stop cloud shop that allows business customers to quickly find, buy and immediately start using pre-configured software and technical services through the Microsoft Azure. While TACTIC licenses for this option are free under the Eclipse Public License, customers must pay for hosting. A variety of Instance Types are available to serve every customer’s needs.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines offer the scalability and capacity to meet the demands of any Enterprise workflow management solution. Southpaw Technology uses the Microsoft VMs to offer TACTIC | Workflow, which is fully customizable to fit into any organization with any type of business management process. TACTIC | Workflow is designed to centralize and organize a company’s digital content creation and asset management process, allowing for content creators to easily submit their work, and for high-level managers to perform with greater efficiency.