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You are about to enter the TACTIC open source community. TACTIC Open Source can be downloaded for free under the Eclipse Open Source license.

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TACTIC is a flexible, open source web based framework used for building a wide variety of enterprise solutions that require Digital Asset Management and Workflow components.  Building an end-user TACTIC deployment will usually take time (and other resources) to achieve a fully functioning business solution for your organization.


The TACTIC community site includes downloads, forum discussions and other important information to help you build the exact custom solution that serves your specific needs.  It is a valuable resource for those wishing to build their own solution.


Southpaw Technology does offer professional services to support the development, deployment and maintenance of your custom solution.  Please contact us so we can help you in understanding exactly what the TACTIC software can do for your organization.


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Built on TACTIC

Southpaw Technology also offers proprietary software products built on the TACTIC framework. Southpaw products come with full support and are available in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid of both.  Southpaw Technology out-of-the-box products make deployment of specific custom solutions easy.

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