A backend toolset for building DAM and Workflow Apps

Workflow Engine

Instead of writing your own process engine from scratch, your application can use TACTIC API to manage complex workflows, and you can focus on your application’s true tasks and user interface.

Connect to your favorite Apps

TACTIC API can help you build your apps quickly in your favorite language ie. Python, Javascript, and others. Your dev team can focus on their true mission and not on the server infrastructure.

DAM: Store, Organize, Search

TACTIC API connects to a server based DAM capable to handle any size project. Store and access files using a wide variety of check-in types. Collections, versioning and automated check-ins are supported.

Built for Developers

Save valuable time and effort. No server setup or maintenance is necessary when using TACTIC API .


TACTIC provides role-based access control on top of all functions and stored assets. Users only have access as granted by role privileges.

Management of
Workflow Data

TACTIC API enables the app to manage all elements of workflow data for all business use cases. The developer has access to all Create, Read, Update and Delete operations to provide a feature-rich user experience.

User Management
and Authentication

The TACTIC server provides centralized, secure user management and authentication. TACTIC can be configured to authenticate with Microsoft Active Directory or another LDAP directory as needed.

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