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Southpaw Technology Solutions offer wide flexibility and many options to help you manage your digital assets and to automate your processes.

A solution specialist is available to offer strategic advice and best practices for your DAM and Workflow needs.

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  • Hybrid Enterprise TACTIC Workflow
  • Use TACTIC Workflow’s out-of-the-box work order and delivery management system. Mix and match elements of TACTIC Workflow with custom plugins built on top of the TACTIC Open Source architecture.
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  • Data Ingestion
  • Large and complex ingestions for unorganized data can be ingested directly into the TACTIC DAM system. Re-organize file folders and collections afterwards within TACTIC Workflow interface.
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  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Visualize, Design and build custom workflows and automated processes with TACTIC’s integrated Workflow Engine. Define manual processes, triggers, notifications specific to your organization.
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  • Digital Asset Library
  • Keep your data secure and organized. Search and repurpose assets across all media outlets and geographic locations. Bring in historical data from legacy file systems.
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  • TACTIC aSync
  • TACTIC aSync offers a revolutionary way for globally distributed companies to work on and share assets on multiple servers in real-time by transmitting data and information instantly and asynchronously.
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  • Custom Development
  • Southpaw will quickly and efficiently build complete solutions, custom widgets that meet your specific requirements. Southpaw has experience servicing all types of organizations from the largest fortune 500 to small startups looking for a competitive advantage.
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