This scientific paper explains how TACTIC handles data through a complex process framework and presents this information through Views that are custom-made and tailored to any desired user group or client type. The paper also describes the advantages of TACTIC being an adjustable framework, which allows organizations to change and modify process flow and information into accessible resources as they work. The TACTIC workflow engine guarantees the transfer of information is consistently smooth, and recorded transactions never get lost or disappear.

The paper goes on to describe the benefit of having a workflow hosted as a web solution, giving them the ability to overcome the significant obstacles associated with communication between remote people and teams. Animation film and TV collaborations can happen anywhere in the world provided there is an internet connection.

“TACTIC Workflow brings automated work processes such as validation, triggers and decision trees with human project management together under a single workflow engine. It steps into an existing or brand new work environment and looks to enable companies through the many tools it has to offer. The result of all of this is that people spend less time wondering what to do and more time doing what needs to be done.”

College of Computing and Information Sciences PAF- Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology Karachi, Pakistan

Another reported advantage was the ability for upper management to arrange processes and layout procedures instead of relying on IT alone. This fine-tuned control of processes within the creation team allows the artists to concentrate on creating captivating animation visuals, instead of time consuming administrative tasks.

The paper suggests that for Pakistan’s fledgling animation industry, TACTIC offers an ideal solution. 

While the Animation Industry in Pakistan is relatively new, it still deals with the same challenges faced by animation studios everywhere else in the world – including Hollywood. Managing extremely high volumes of digital content and increasingly complex acquisition, production, storage, and distribution processes is incredibly difficult to do. Especially on a budget.

The good news is, some scientists at The College of Computing and Information Sciences at the Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology in Pakistan have the solution. And it’s our very own Southpaw TACTIC.

From our perspective, TACTIC is a natural fit for the industry. Launched in 2005, TACTIC was originally developed to help solve this issue for the North American Animation and VFX industries who were facing the most fierce workflow and collaboration challenges of any industry of the time. Today, TACTIC continues to solve this issue for studios across the globe – but it has also evolved into a mature, flexible open source web based framework that excels at building a wide variety of Enterprise workflow automation solutions for a broad range of industries including aerospace, apparel manufacturing, and even banking.