What's New?

This release focuses on improved integration between Project Management and the Asset Library, and streamlining the entire process of working on assets in projects.

We strive to ensure that TACTIC Workflow is as smooth, accessible and streamlined as possible. To achieve this, Southpaw has concentrated on creating a smoother integration between Work Orders and the Asset Library, more flexibility with file management, and Asset Library search optimization.

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Smooth Integration

Create work orders and directly search and add assets from the Asset Library. Use these assets to do real work and then push altered finished assets back directly to the asset library.

Workflow Folder Manager

Interactively create, delete, move and manage folder structures to any location in the file system. Ingest your mess and then organize afterwards.

Asset Library Improvements

A simplified keyword searching page that allows end-users to quickly search and retrieve assets. Separate librarian views provide the tools to have full control of all aspects of the asset library.

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