Features that make sense

Take workflow where you want

Workflow Engine

Streamline business operations

Design and implement custom automation processes to manage tasks, resources and internal operations

Create and store processes in library for future use

Asset Ingestion

Drag and drop or bulk ingest assets into TACTIC’s Asset Library

Verify assets to allow viewing in library

Modify metadata associated with assets

Approval Process

Verify assets to allow viewing in library

Simple one click to approve or reject multiple assets

Customizable access group

Asset Library

Preview assets’ thumbnails

Bundle individual assets into collections

Organize and display collections intuitively

Table Layout displays detailed assets info

Quick, simple checkin new version assets

Version control, retrievable checkin history

Work Order & Deliverable Tracking

Track jobs on assets with work orders

Break work orders into smaller jobs(deliverables) with their own pipeline/workflow

Combine business units, multiple departments and multiple delivery items into one briefing/work order system

Add assets and see related tasks, content and deliverables per work order in a detailed view

Versioning & Check-in History

Digital asset management with versioning and check-in/out capability

Check-in and download assets per task and move content through the pipeline by selecting processes

Pre-defined naming conventions automatically applied to newly added content

Task Management

Add notes and due dates

User assignment, status assignment

Task, entry and percentage complete details

Reports & Dashboards

Allow supervisors and managers quick access to all info in TACTIC

Standard reports include work orders, deliverables, and assets

Easily create custom reports

Easy to Use Search

Find assets and tasks easily

Search keys included for easy search based on a particular view

Filter and search reports

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters available for searching based on a particular view

Search based on asset and task as well as parent based searching

User Groups

Adding users and groups

Adding users into multiple groups

Security based on users and groups

View User activities

Pin It

Save favorite work orders and deliverables for quick access

Easily access pinned table


Asset collections make handling of large downloads easier

Personal carts - global carts

Useful in collaborative projects

Simple to Use Conversions and Modifications

Change format types, crop, and resize