What's it called?

TACTIC | Workflow


Q: What kind of assets can I store in TACTIC | Workflow?

Anything. From documents and images to audio, spreadsheets and presentations. You can store any kind of asset in TACTIC | Workflow.

Q: What if I accidentally ingest an asset that I wasn't supposed to or don't want anyone to see yet?

Not a problem. TACTIC | Workflow has a built-in approval process, overseen by a Workflow Administrator, that every asset needs to go through in order to be seen in the Asset Library by everyone else. If the version of the asset ingested, is not accepted by the administrator then it will never be seen by anyone else.

Q: How do I incorporate my own workflows into the product? How do they get used?

Workflows are actually task pipelines that can be created by Workflow Administrators using the Pipeline Editor in the Pipelines view under the Manage menu in the sidebar. Different types of nodes can be connected together to form pipelines or workflows that gets translated into a set of Tasks. These Tasks are assigned to different users in order to complete Deliverables of an Order. For each Deliverable created in an Order, you can select which Workflow to associate to it and TACTIC | Workflow will automatically create the Tasks for you.

Q: When I work on assets for my tasks does my work change the reference or source file in the Asset Library?

No. TACTIC | Workflow keeps all Work in Progress (WIP) files separate from the source files in the Asset Library. However, all assets that are worked on can always be ingested as a new file in the Asset Library or used to update an existing asset in the Asset Library. All ingested and updated assets are also subjected to approval.

Q: If I need to see an overall picture of order and deliverable progress or report on a subset of orders, deliverables or assets, how can I do this?

The Home dashboard presents a high level management view on the overall progress of Deliverables and Orders. Detail views for Orders and Deliverables allow you to view Deliverable, Task and Asset associations and progress for each. Reporting views provide a variety of different search criteria to refine results and export results to CSV files.

Q: If I don't want some users to see certain views, is there a way I can prevent them from seeing these views?

Yes. TACTIC | Workflow has a User and Group Management Security Module that gives Workflow Administrators the control to choose which users are allowed access to the system and what views groups of users are allowed to see.