Enterprise Workflow Solution

What is an Enterprise Deployment?

An enterprise deployment is TACTIC products running on customer's servers with full access to the TACTIC open source framework; this allows larger companies to tailor a solution to fit their specific needs.

TACTIC Enterprise on-premise deployment gives you

You can run TACTIC | Workflow out of the box to manage your projects through work orders and deliverables or use this as a starting point for the enhanced configuration and even development of a more complex enterprise solution.

  • The ability use TACTIC’s CMS tools to create your own widgets and themes.
  • Make additions to the existing data model.
  • Access to Python triggers and Python level interaction with the TACTIC system.
  • Assets are stored on your own drive and file systems, enabling control of any change or growth to the system.
  • Deployment behind your own firewall gives you increased security and the ability to manage your own security.
  • Build your own applications and interfaces.

Contact the Southpaw Team

Connect with the Southpaw Team for advice on enterprise deployments. We would be happy to answer questions, and provide examples about building custom enterprise solutions on top of the TACTIC architecture. We look forward to hearing from you.

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