Tasks. Workflow. Assets.

Features your project needs ... in one place.

Workflow Engine

Streamline business operations

Design and implement custom automation processes to manage tasks, resources and internal operations

Create and store processes in library for future use

Build your Workflow

Design Workflows for how you work and order tasks using the visual Workflow editor.

On job creation, automatically create tasks in the required order based on your Workflows.

Project Templates

Use past projects as templates to easily, rapidly create projects.

All tasks, assignments and metadata are included in project templates.

Timelines are automatically shifted to new project start dates.

Automated Processes

Use Workflows to automate common tasks.

Insert automation as-needed into your Workflows.

Process are executed whenever the workflow reaches them.

Asset Library

Organized Project Files

All of your project files are stored with the project use a robust Digital Asset Management system.

Quick, simple check-in process.

Easy version control and revisions.

Approval Process

Reviews, Notes, Annotations

Annotate images with notes for review

Versioning & Check-in History

Digital asset management with versioning and check-in/out capability

Check-in and download assets per task and move content through the workflow by selecting processes

Pre-defined naming conventions automatically applied to newly added content

Task Management

Add notes and due dates

User assignment, status assignment

Task entry and percentage completion details.

Reports & Dashboards

Build reports using a wide variety of relevant search criteria

Allow supervisors and managers quick access to all info in TACTIC

Standard reports include work orders, deliverables, and assets

Easily create custom reports