Introducing: The Publish Node
Posted on Wednesday, June 21st, 2017


Using the Workflow Engine embedded in TACTIC, we can automate tasks to free up user time. One example of this is the automatic movement of files through pipelines in TACTIC applications. Now, Southpaw is looking to automate another step common to digital production: Publishing.

Every company is looking to increase their web presence. Whether it’s on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, or any of the other platforms available, everyone is making content to push their message. Each of these platforms have their own login, interface and procedures to publish content.

We’ve automated this step by connecting to each site’s api, creating custom script nodes that can be placed in workflows. These nodes automatically publish the content passed to them when reached by the Workflow Engine. For example: the Youtube Node.


A pre-built Action Node, the Youtube Node contains a script that calls Youtube’s api using the Workflow Engine to upload videos to the specified Youtube account. On creation of the node, login credentials are securely stored inside of TACTIC. This information is then used to automatically upload the attached video. Keywords and other information can also be attached.

Normally, an employee would have to receive the final video, log into the correct account, upload the file, and finally wait to ensure the upload is completed. This can now all be offloaded to the Workflow Engine, with the human QA aspect implemented where needed using Tactic’s revision-approval process. With every mature platform providing an api, this is another way that Tactic frees up your team’s time for the work that matters.

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