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TACTIC comes with a Digital Asset Manager built in. It is a full feature asset management system that can be used to store and organize assets scalable for even for the largest digital productions.

In TACTIC Project, assets are organized in 2 ways: 1) Each job has it's own asset library 2) A central asset library that can be shared and reused across projects

What are assets?

Assets are containers that hold all the versions of a particular file.

Job Assets

Each job has its own encapsulated asset library. These jobs act as a full DAM with the project itself, completely with enforced naming convention, versioning, collections and searchability.

Asset Library

There is also a central Asset Library for assets that do not belong to any project. This central library can be used to store reference work or finished assets to be reused. From any job, these assets can be searched and added to the project.

can contain any number of assets.

Assets can be stored either under a job or in the shared assets library.

Asset Search

Assets that are created when working on a job will be stored in that job's asset library. Every job has it's own library of assets. When an asset is uploaded it is stored with the process that of the workflow it was created for.


Assets can be display in various layouts

Table Layout

Table Search

Tile Layout