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The TACTIC API service is designed to developers who are creating a new application and require some robust backend services to perform certain tasks. TACTIC API service allows you to focus on building your app and not worry about building out an infrastucture for you app.

Not all applications are the same. TACTIC is extremely useful for apps that required:

  1. DAM - Storage and organization of files
  2. Workflow Engine
  3. CRUD - Storage and Retrieval of Job data

Server tools for your App.

For Developers.

TACTIC Server is an API Service for help you build your apps quickly.

Focus on your interface, not on the server infrastructure.

You could build all of this, however, this can be a daunting task. Robust server side applications are difficult to write. TACTIC provides a backend framework with many of the needed components already built.

You can easily and quickly create interfaces using React, for example. It will provide a rich user experience. However, at some point the application will need to interact with a server for the following:

  • User management and authentication
  • Data storage, searching and retrieval
  • Storage of files (Digital Asset Management)
  • Triggers and Workflows
  • Security management


TACTIC provides services for building application that require a DAM component.

When files are uploaded to your App, where are they stored? How are they organized?

TACTIC has been used for very large Asset Management projects. It provides a very deep api to store and access files using a wide variety of check-in types.

Workflow Engine

A workflow engine is used to execute a number of operations.


The TACTIC server is idea for connecting to your favorite application

  • Python Scripts
  • React