TACTIC handles Digital Signage Management with KB Media


KB Media
Southpaw Technology Tackles Digital Signage Management with KB Media

TACTIC handles Digital Signage Management with KB Media

What They Need

A solution that could manage and track a myriad of assets, campaigns and financials by all team members.

Their Success

KB Media uses TACTIC’s digital asset management and project management features to quickly determine what space is ready to sell and efficiently manage multiple campaigns across hundreds of advertising venues.


Southpaw Technology announced today that KB Media , a Toronto-based media company, has licensed Southpaw’s production asset management system TACTIC and leveraged its flexible architecture to simplify the management of digital signage campaigns. KB Media is now using the system to more efficiently manage multiple campaigns across hundreds of advertising venues throughout Canada.

KB Media specializes in the creation of backlit and digital mirrors and the placement of advertising on those mirrors in venues throughout Canada. The campaigns that KB Media manages for its large client base vary in length, size, audience, creativity, and value. In addition, KB Media’s mirrors include patented motion sensor technology that tracks consumer interaction with the mirrors so advertisers know exactly how many consumers engaged with their ad and for how long. To more efficiently manage all of this information in one place, KB Media turned to Southpaw and its production asset management system, TACTIC.

The Solution

“We looked around on the market for a solution that could manage the myriad details we need to track on a daily basis: available ad space, ad space costs, booking information, demographic information and so forth. Everything we looked at was limited in functionality and lacked the flexibility to customize it to our needs,” said David Brisson, CEO of KB Media.

“TACTIC quickly proved that it was flexible enough to handle all of our digital signage campaign management needs. What we’ve created together will not only revolutionize our business – it will revolutionize the digital signage world. From a wider perspective, it is a timely testament to what can happen when industry leaders work together to solve complex problems.”

TACTIC digital asset management and project management features act as the core of KB Media’s digital signage management system. To that core, Southpaw has added customizations that help KB Media manage three critical areas of its business:

“We have always known that TACTIC was capable of branching out of the film and visual effects production space,” said Gary Mundell, CEO of Southpaw Technology. “We did it with the media department at Lockheed Martin, and now we’ve done it with KB Media. KB Media is further proof that our technology can increase efficiencies in pretty much any workflow, whether that’s moving digital assets through the creation process in a visual effects studio or tracking advertising assets and advertising space in digital signage.”