TACTIC | Workflow New 1.4 Release Announcment
TACTIC | Workflow 1.4 Release Announcement
Posted on Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

At Southpaw Technology we continually strive to make the TACTIC | Workflow experience easy-to-use and streamlined, so we are very pleased to announce the new TACTIC | Workflow 1.4 release with some exciting new features and enhancements to tell you about:

  • Better integration between Work Orders and the Asset Library
  • A new way to view and manage the Asset Library using a powerful file system
  • More ways to search and locate your assets with the new Automatic Keywords feature
  • A new Asset Library Search tool

And more…

Better Integration between Work Orders and the Asset Library

In previous versions it was necessary to create Tasks in order to add verified assets to a deliverable and start the work process. In TACTIC | Workflow 1.4 files can be ingested directly to deliverables, and “pushed” to the Asset Library for approval and verification after they have been worked on.

This new streamlined process enables users to start working on their deliverables sooner. It is ideal for projects large and small, and when deliverable cycles are short.

Asset_Ingestion_workflow Image: TACTIC Workflow Asset Ingestion

More Ways to Manage Your Assets

The Asset Library now contains three different layouts for managing your assets: a Collection Layout, a Table layout, and introducing the new Folder Layout. Each layout has powerful features allowing users the utmost control and insight when organizing large asset repositories.

Asset_Library_Collections_Layout_workflow Image: TACTIC Workflow Asset Library Collections Layout


Asset_Library_Table_Layout_workflow Image: TACTIC Workflow Asset Library Table Layout

Folder Manager

The new Folder Manager provides users with administrator privileges a way to view and manage the Asset Library using a powerful file system. When files are initially ingested they are automatically managed by TACTIC | Workflow. The administrator can choose to use the default folders created by TACTIC | Workflow or customize them using the Folder Manager. Within the Folder Manager users can create, delete, move and rename folders and assets while the associated metadata continually updates automatically.


Asset_Library_Folder_Layout_workflow Image: TACTIC Workflow Asset Library Folder Layout

Automatic Keywords

Now there are more ways to search and locate your assets using keywords. In previous versions, keywords are manually applied to assets during ingest, or by changing the values in the keyword columns. In TACTIC | Workflow 1.4, certain keywords will also be applied automatically. Types of auto-generated keywords include the name of the asset, the asset folder path, and keywords associated with the asset’s parent collections. Automatic Keywords are continually updated whenever there are changes to the asset name or location in the Folder Manager or Assets Collection Manager.


Asset Library Search

In order to enhance and simplify the user experience when searching for assets we have introduced a new Asset Library Search tool. The Asset Library Search tool allows users to quickly locate assets while refining and changing their searches interactively by typing in keywords or clicking on automatically suggested keywords displayed on a handy shelf. The Asset Library Search is found in the main menu as a standalone tool and is also readily available when searching for assets to add to tasks and deliverables.

Asset_Library_Search_workflow Image: TACTIC Workflow Asset Library Search Layout

Learn More

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