TACTIC | Workflow: Collections Feature
TACTIC | Workflow: Collections Feature
Posted on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

After a few months of development, we are very excited to give you all a sneak preview of TACTIC | Workflow’s newest feature, Asset Collections.

Over time, we noticed that the number of assets for many of our users would stack up to enormous numbers beyond the thousands. Although in the previous iteration of our Asset Library we had methods to filter and find specific assets, it became clear that there needed to be some way to organize and group created content. Even with proper filters, finding that one contract in a pool of fifty thousand assets can be difficult. After some thought and discussion, we designed and implemented what is now the new Asset Collection feature, which will be available on TACTIC | Workflow 1.3.


This is a screengrab of the new Asset Library. As you can see, there are a few new features as marked in the picture compared to the old layout. On the left is a new sidebar of sorts called the Collection Manager. The plus icon allows you to create “collections”. Think of a collection as a folder of sorts. In the picture above, we have two creations: one titled “places”, and one titles “turtles”.

Adding to a collection is very easy. Simply check off on the pictures on the right, and click on the grid-looking button that’s boxed in red. It’ll open a window that looks like this:


This is where you can choose a collection to add your assets to. You may add your pictures to multiple collections, but only one version of each asset can be in a single collection.

When you click on a collection on the left, all your assets will be filtered on the right to display only assets in that particular collection.image02

In the top right of the tile display showing a collection’s assets, there is a minus and a trash icon. The minus icon lets you remove the selected assets, while the trash button deletes the collection. Note that these buttons do not delete your assets from the Asset Library, they only remove the assets from the collection or the collection itself.


If you have many collections, you can search via keywords in the keyword search area above the list of collections. It will autofill the search bar with suggestions based on the names and descriptions of your collections.

That’s the our new Collections feature in a nutshell. We’ve worked hard on it and are very excited to roll it out with Workflow Version 1.3. We hope it’ll help you out in managing all your assets, as it is one of the biggest features of the upcoming release. Keep an eye out for further news and details regarding TACTIC | Workflow by following us on Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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