Southpaw Launches DAM Solutions for TACTIC
Southpaw Technology Launches DAM Solution Suite
Posted on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

New, customizable Southpaw Solutions speed the creation and simplify the management of digital assets for organizations of any size

Toronto, Canada – Nov 14, 2012 – Southpaw Technology, a leading developer of digital asset management (DAM) technology for content creators, announced today that it has launched Southpaw Solutions, a comprehensive suite of new offerings designed to extend the functionality of the company’s open source asset management software, TACTIC. These solutions, which handle common yet critical asset management challenges in many organizations, are built on top of TACTIC’s core architecture, yet can be tailored to each company’s unique IT environment and content creation workflow.

The exponential growth of content means that corporations are faced with the massively complex task of managing thousands of interrelated digital assets as they are being created, and once they are created. What’s more, most companies have their own unique methods of creating and storing those assets. Rather than imposing a strict set of rules on how to create and store that content, TACTIC and the Southpaw Solutions offer each organization a flexible, tailor-made way to manage “work-in-progress” assets and final assets.

“Thousands of companies have downloaded our open source asset management system since we launched it last August,” said Gary Mundell, CEO of Southpaw Technology. “Now those same companies are coming to us for custom solutions that can be built on top of TACTIC and that can handle some of the critical challenges of managing content creation within their organizations – challenges such as getting legacy data into databases where they can be organized and managed, syncing databases located in different places, and automating the movement of assets through their specific creation process. Since our software is now free to download, our experienced engineers are able to quickly tailor our Southpaw Solutions to meet any organization’s needs.”

The first Southpaw Solutions for TACTIC to be offered include the:

Custom Data Management Solution – Southpaw’s Custom Data Management Solution allows TACTIC to interpret and conform to any enterprise data management schema, and to create branded and tailored interfaces for accessing and working with that data.

Ingestion Solution – Southpaw’s Ingestion Solution offers companies a way to take years of untracked files and data, ingest it into TACTIC, and organize it into a searchable, trackable, highly organized file system.

Sync Solution – Southpaw’s Sync Solution ensures that remotely located teams are always working with or accessing the most current version of a file. It does this by syncing databases and queueing transactions based on timecodes to make sure that multiple databases and file versions, no matter where they are located, can stay organized and current at all times.

Creative Brief Solution – Southpaw’s Creative Brief Solution allows enterprises to set up jobs, tasks and resources in a custom-designed interface, and to manage, track and automate the implementation of those jobs based on company-specific requirements.

Custom WIP DAM Solution – Southpaw’s Custom Work-in-Progress (WIP) DAM Solution utilizes TACTIC’s flexibility and powerful workflow and asset management features to provide custom WIP DAM Solutions for companies of any size, in any industry. What’s more, all workflow features are connected to the assets residing in the database, keeping tasks, resources, and assets all connected as they move across your organization.

Business Intelligence Solution – Once TACTIC is implemented across a department or an enterprise, it can be integrated with and mine data from internal systems, providing powerful executive – level insights that inform strategic decisions.


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