Press Release: Soho VFX to Manage Workflow with TACTIC
Press Release: Soho VFX to Manage Workflow with TACTIC
Posted on Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Toronto, Canada – October 26, 2011 – Southpaw Technology announced today that Soho VFX, a visual effects production facility based in Toronto, Canada, has licensed 100 seats of TACTIC to streamline workflow, communications and task management on a current, undisclosed project.

Soho VFX was founded in 2002 as a boutique studio employing only a handful of people. Over time, the studio has built an extensive resume, contributing to more than 50 feature film and television productions, including such box office hits as The Fantastic FourX-Men Origins: WolverineThe A-Team, Battle: Los Angeles, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

As the studio’s project load grows, so too do the number of tasks, and the number of people working on those tasks. To help them assign and track tasks, improve communications between teams, and provide better insight into a project’s overall status, Soho VFX has turned to the production asset management system TACTIC from Southpaw Technology.

TACTIC is ideally suited to manage production workflows. As the only solution capable of tying digital assets to production notes, status updates, tasks, and resources, TACTIC enables vast teams of digital artists to know what they are supposed to be doing when. And because each artist can also track the time they are spending on a given task, TACTIC is the only system that provides a real-time financial view of what assets and shots cost to create. This ultimately drives more efficiency into the process and helps studios bid on future jobs.

“We have our own internal system for managing assets, but we wanted a new system to streamline our workflow and task management,” said Allan Magled, co-founder of Soho VFX. “TACTIC offered the perfect system for that. Its flexibility allowed us to tie it to our internal asset management system. And because of its built-in ability to tie assets to tasks, resources, notes, time tracking and more, it has been relatively easy to sync the two systems and get up and running.”

“Normally clients like Soho VFX come to us for a system that can manage their growing number of files, and all of their tasks,” said Gary Mundell, CEO of Southpaw Technology. “But what this job has shown us is that TACTIC can offer studios just the project management portion of a production and still create a lot of efficiencies throughout the production process.”

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