Press Release: Grid VFX Supports Distributed CG Productions with TACTIC Production Asset Management
Press Release: Grid VFX Supports Distributed CG Productions with TACTIC Production Asset Management
Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Toronto, Canada – March 13, 2012Southpaw Technology in combination with its European partner AFFARE announced today that another Belgium-based digital production studio, Grid VFX, has licensed TACTIC to manage all of the digital assets and project tasks across four distributed productions with studios in China, Luxembourg and France. The news comes on the heels of another announcement about the Belgium-based studio, DreamWall, who will also use TACTIC to streamline workflow, communications and task management on its productions.

Since 1995, Grid VFX has been producing visual effects for a range of uses: feature films, TV shows, advertising, animation, motion graphics and more. Based in Gentbrugge, Belgium, Grid VFX has recently taken on four new projects that they will use TACTIC to support. The first project, What’s the Big Idea, is a joint production between Grid VFX (Belgium), Planet Nemo (France/Belgium) and Motion Magic (China). The second production is entitled Percy and Friends, and will be produced in conjunction with Planet Nemo and La Fabrique d’images (Luxembourg), which also uses TACTIC. The third production, Metal Hurlant, is being created with Dreamwall, yet another TACTIC-based production house. The last production, which has not been announced publicly, is a new stereoscopic feature film based on a well-known comic book, and is a joint production between Grid VFX, Dreamwall and a major French studio .

”With the management of so many files in so many places on so many projects, it will be extremely helpful to have a system such as TACTIC in place,” said Jan Goosen, CEO of Grid VFX. “It will not only help us keep track of assets and tasks assignments across projects, international partners and our two offices in Ghent and Brussels; but because we’ve integrated TACTIC into our art tools, it will also make the workflow of managing 3D files and scenes far simpler and more seamless for our artists.”

“We’re proud to have Grid VFX join our growing list of customers,” said Gary Mundell, CEO of Southpaw Technology. “They are a highly creative production studio whose talent can clearly be seen across industry segments and productions. We look forward to supporting them with TACTIC and enabling their creative team to focus on what they do best: producing the stunning content for which they’ve become known.”

For more information about TACTIC, please contact Mary Jane Mundell at For more information about Southpaw Technology’s European partner AFFARE, please contact Thomas Kistler at

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