Press Release: Belgium Studio DreamWall Turns to TACTIC for Production Asset Management
Press Release: Belgium Studio DreamWall Turns to TACTIC for Production Asset Management
Posted on Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Toronto, Canada – March 6, 2012Southpaw Technology, in combination with its European partner AFFARE, announced today that the Belgium-based 2D/3D animation studio DreamWall has licensed its production asset management system TACTIC. DreamWall will use TACTIC to streamline workflow, communications and task management on its year-long production of the animated TV series Lulu Vroumette.

Based on the best-selling books written by Daniel Picouly, the Lulu Vroumette series tells of the adventures of a turtle and her friends. DreamWall was recently tapped to bring the series to TV in a project that will last a little over one year. To help the studio drive efficiencies across the fast-paced production, DreamWall turned to Southpaw Technology and its production asset management system TACTIC.

”We are extremely happy to be working with a system such a TACTIC,” said Marc Urlus, Animation Manager of DreamWall. “Unlike 3D animated films, which can sometimes last up to three years, the production of animated TV shows is much faster. With it ability to organize and version assets, to connect assets to tasks, and to assign tasks to animators, TACTIC will ensure that we continue to meet our ongoing deadlines.”

As the only solution capable of tying digital assets to production notes, status updates, tasks, and resources, TACTIC enables production teams of any size to know what they are supposed to be working on at any given time. Its built-in reports help teams like DreamWall see if production bottlenecks are occurring and how best to solve them so that productions stay on track.

“DreamWall’s environment is perfect for a system such as TACTIC,” said Gary Mundell, CEO of Southpaw Technology. “The entire studio is working toward one deadline after another, which means they can’t afford to have downtime as a result of inefficiencies, missed tasks, lost files and such. TACTIC will not only improve efficiencies across Lulu Vroumette, it will help DreamWall scale as their talented team takes on even more projects.”

For more information about TACTIC, please contact Mary Jane Mundell at For more information about Southpaw Technology’s European partner AFFARE, please contact Thomas Kistler at

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