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Southpaw Technology

Southpaw Technology is the commercial company behind the ever expanding and open source TACTIC™ web framework.

Southpaw offers proprietary products and global support for TACTIC. All Southpaw Solutions and Applications utilize the core functionality of TACTIC.

TACTIC is unique in the market in that it offers a way to handle, manage and secure large amounts of data and the workflow associated with the creation, distribution, protection and monetization of these corporate assets across a large global enterprise.

TACTIC applications are being used across thousands of companies and organizations to create everything from digital asset management (DAM) systems, to order fulfillment systems, to production and project management (PM) systems. Customers include General Dynamics, Tegna, Adidas, Mayo Clinic, Nissan, Procter and Gamble, Lockheed Martin, Viacom, Bell Helicopter and many others.

Southpaw has offices in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Our customers love us:

“Southpaw’s TACTIC™ is what finally brought our workflow out of the dark ages and these days, we wouldn’t be without it.” – Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

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