B2B Digital Media Coordinator


The Digital Media Coordinator will work with Senior Management and Client support team members to develop and execute B2B digital media strategies required to meet the goals and objectives of Southpaw management.

This full-time position calls for creativity, critical thinking, and fresh ideas coupled with a proven track record to execute a successful digital media strategy. Web design, writing, editing, videography and social media acumen are needed to excel in this position. A passion for software technology is required along with a keen interest in B2B marketing in general.

Essential Functions and Duties

  1. Working with colleagues to develop, manage, execute and analyze strategic communications efforts using digital media platforms;
  2. Develop and maintain the corporate and community websites, blogs, electronic newsletters, social media campaigns, and other digitally produced material;
  3. Create, curate and manage all digital published contents (images, video, written);
  4. Create digital campaigns based on key-messages and intended audience;
  5. Manage social media platforms including Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, and other relevant channels focusing on expanding social media reach;
  6. Create interesting content and ways to engage the intended audience and staff in a social media community;
  7. Develop and foster a voice for social media consistent with the Southpaw and TACTIC brand(s)
  8. Take photos and produce videos for social media;
  9. Build and maintain a media library;
  10. Ensure all web and digital platforms are up to date in a timely manner;
  11. Generate reports on digital advertising and social media analytics;
  12. Engage with Southpaw clients on marketing and social media initiatives

Qualifications, Skills & Experience

  1. Post-Secondary Education in web design, general marketing, social media, multimedia in general.
  2. Strong understanding of business and applied software technology.
  3. Strong creative, organizational, problem solving and time-management skills.
  4. Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  5. Superior time management skills;
  6. Able to take projects from start to finish with minimal supervision;
  7. Adaptable and quick learner; must be able to apply style guides creatively while upholding brand identity;
  8. Possess strong conceptual skills, high level sense of design, layout and typography, and a broad thinker who is able to offer a variety of design solutions.
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