Southpaw is proud to announce a new Adobe Creative Cloud extension that brings TACTIC functionality directly into Adobe Applications.

While Project Management software has helped us improve managing what a digital production team is doing, it hasn’t done much for how they do it. Once an artist, designer or editor knows their tasks for the day, they are back to the same tools and interfaces to complete their work. Southpaw has tackled one of the key tedious issues in their day to day workflow: file management.

Traditionally, file management in this scenario involves going to a shared drive, Dropbox, or if your team has tried to address this problem before, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. This involves a few steps:

  1. Figure out what assets you need
  2. Search for your assets, either by file name or metadata
  3. Find then download your files
  4. Import the assets into your editing software
  5. Export your completed work to the right place

While these steps might not seem like much, each one takes time away from actual work and opens the way for human error. Take these small chances for error, multiply them by the number of people in your workflow, and the problem makes itself clear. Ways to circumvent this process, such as link sharing in Drive or Dropbox, still require human intervention. Attempts to reduce time spent and human error have been made, particularly in step 2 with a multitude of DAM solutions available today, but the entire process is outdated and fundamentally inefficient.

As part of providing an End-to-End software solution for managing the workflow of digital production, Southpaw has integrated TACTIC into the Adobe Creative Cloud with an embedded extension panel.  The interface appears directly inside the applications, making tasks and their associated assets directly available inside Adobe products such as Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere. With TACTIC’s revolutionary Workflow Engine connecting processes with files and tasks, assets are provided in-line inside the creative application.

With the Adobe Creative Cloud connector, you never have to leave the creative environment. Once you’ve completed your work, you can check-in work directly through the plugin to the task you have completed. Your work will be ingested back into the central Workflow system, and be passed down to the next team member.

Once you look at digital production as managing people rather than files, it is clear that this is the better perspective. Bringing the Workflow to the Creative Cloud is part of Southpaw’s vision to not only giving you tools to manage what your team is doing, but also improving the overall experience. For more information or to participate in testing, contact us.

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