Check out the all-new TACTIC | Workflow, an enterprise DAM solution with our integrated workflow engine.

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Digital Asset Management

with our integrated Workflow Engine

Complete project deliverables using your unique workflow processes.

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Manage the complete digital asset life cycle using your workflow

Effectively manage projects by breaking down work orders into deliverables. Track all stages of digital assets from ingestion to published finished assets for end user consumption.

  • Work orders with deliverables
  • Break projects into work orders with multiple deliverables. Each deliverable defines its own workflow with tasks, processes and digital assets. Track all project assets under deliverables in a work order.
  • Create your workflows
  • Visually create workflows which match your unique processes. Mix manual tasks with automated processes, approvals and decision trees. An integrated workflow engine drives the entire project through these defined processes.
  • Relate Files to Projects
  • Closely relate project tracking with project files. Maintain a clean separation between “Work in Progress” assets and finished approved assets. Push finished asset in deliverables to the Asset Library for consumption.
  • Content Life cycle
  • Manage digital assets through their entire content lifecycle from conception to final delivery and consumption. Track their progression in deliverables through your defined content workflows.
  • Digital Asset library
  • Easily import assets into the system and the metadata will automatically be extracted from files. Organize with collections, custom folder structures and custom tags. Quickly find and repurpose finished approved assets.
  • Eliminate Project Disorder
  • Get rid of messy spreadsheets and cluttered folder structures on a shared folder. Complete your project deliveries under single simple-to-use framework which manages both the workflow processes and all the related files.

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